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This service makes it possible to easily use natural language processing and speech recognition with APIs, using the results of over 40 years of research by NTT Group.

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A Variety APIs for Natural Language Processing and Speech Processing

COTOHA API is capable of high-accuracy analysis of Japanese language, which has been considered as one of the most difficult languages.
It can be used for text analysis and a communication engine (Text/Voice).


Since this API can extract "Who(what)?" and "What wrong?" from the input sentence by word unit called morpheme, it can be applied to data mining.

Reference Resolution

This API can extract pronouns such as "He/She", extract an antecedent that correspond to those pronouns, and outputs them as a pair of pronoun and object. In the case of analysis of conversation logs, it can make it more precise by replacing pronouns with antecedents.

Speech Recognition

You can receive voice data in file or streaming formats and return the formatted text data. You can also register a customer individual dictionary dedicated to speech recognition.

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Use Cases

The COTOHA API is used by a variety of system applications, including chat bots, voice text applications, and video conferencing systems.

NTT Communications Corporation

AI Contact Center Solution on Cloud

A solution that provides high-function contact center services in a short period of time using Speech Recognition by AI.

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